+ Hand Crochet Bikini
Our crochet bikinis are all handmade. They are great for swimming, great for exotic dancing, and great to wear with jeans, shorts, skirt. Those who are looking for something unique and appreciate handmade quality will definitely enjoy wearing it and will not be disappointed.
+ Crochet Lingerie
The lingeries are hand made from pure cotton threads. It's made by experienced lace makers. Lace makers can do work of art with crochet-hook in their hands.
+ Crochet Wall Hanging
Our handmade framed crochet wall hanging is very unique which is different from some traditional plane handcraft. Its made up by the cotton thread, and it has strong 3D effect with rich color and clear layer. Its the high-class artworks for collection, decoration and gift.
+ Crochet Flower
The crochet flowers are hand-knit with caddice or cotton yarns whose color never fades away, so crochet flowers can be kept as long as you like and their color stays unchanged. and they are much more environmental friendly, as the materials used are all recycleable or reusable.
+ Crochet Doily
This would be a great addition to a room and would look beautiful on any dining room table, coffee table, dresser, night stand, etc.
+ Crochet Tablecloth
+ Crochet Toys
+ Crochet Appliques